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We are offering an unforgettable adventure in a unique glazed hall with a view of nature, creating a special ambience.

From early spring to late autumn, we offer the possibility of a civil marriage ceremony in the open; the church wedding can be held in the church only 3 minutes away or at the home chapel Iršič which is a part of the guesthouse area. The wedding area looks most beautiful with around 80 to 120 people.



A big thank you! You became one with our story, you helped us create a dreamlike wedding, you were kind, obliging, patient, phenomenal… Incredible location, top cuisine and friendly and obliging staff – all this is guesthouse Iršič!

Barbara & Matej



For a carefree fun until morning hours, we also offer


We are offering 14 rooms for up to 40 guests. Bed and breakfast for newlyweds is for free!

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If you want the offer or if you have more questions, simply contact us.

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